Screenwriter: Features

NO BREATH PLAY, 2014 – Drama
Based off of her short film of the same title

After three years post-double lung transplant, an introverted 23-year-old university student decides to expand her horizons after discovering her small town’s underground world of BDSM.

VIOLENT ART, 2013 – Psychological Thriller

A young farmhand finds herself murdering for her art, but when the love of a photographer enters her life, she struggles to hide the gruesome lifestyle she now leads. This is a re-imagining of Stacey’s first feature, RED SUNRISE OVER NORWALK.

OLIVIA’S RETREAT, 2012 – Drama

A disenchanted apartment manager attends a writing retreat when she discovers her sister is the one getting published instead of herself.  However, her plans are thwarted when her sister tracks her down to visit the sick, estranged mother that they both write about to cope.

THE CHALLENGE, 2011 – Adventure/Drama

A big-hearted but financially destitute couple competes in a series of challenges to win a grand prize. However, as they complete each challenge, their actions become darker and darker. Will striving to improve their future together destroy the very thing they were trying to preserve?

RED SUNRISE OVER NORWALK, 2011 – Drama/Psychological Thriller
Winner of the 2011 Longhorn Showcase Award

A brutal attack sparks the inspiration, and subsequent success, that a mediocre artist and wife from Connecticut always wanted. However, time heals, and soon she must go to gruesome lengths to rekindle this new, and oddly addictive, brilliance.